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Past life regression is based on the theory that the soul is made up of conscious energy that does not die when the physical body expires. Upon death, the soul releases itself from the physical body and rises into a higher dimension sometimes referred to as the after life or the spirit world. After a time in the afterlife, the soul chooses another physical body to reincarnate into
The purpose of reincarnation is so the soul can experience a material world with the understanding that they would eventually return to their place of origin. With each experience, the soul will learn more about unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude, acceptance and other spiritual solutions to emotional pain and physical pain. When a soul does not learn these spiritual lessons, the soul returns to the physical world where situations will take place that give the soul another opportunity to learn the lessons. Once a spiritual insight is learned, the soul continues its journey of evolution through more lives on Earth until the soul has learned all the lessons it needed to learn so it can become a fully conscious and enlightened soul. When experiencing a past life journey, the explorer may notice certain people showing up in a past life memory that are very similar to significant people in their current life. This happens because souls travel in soul groups, many of which souls are soul mates. Soul mates will make agreements with each other during time in the afterlife to experience certain situations together on Earth in order to help each other learn their spiritual lessons, and therefore, help each other evolve. Some of these agreed upon situations will be very unpleasant to the human experience because the souls agreed that a difficult traumatic experience was necessary in order for souls to be challenged to the point of spiritual awakening. Once souls incarnate into a physical body, agreements are forgotten and the human experience becomes a struggle on some level. The struggle is not meant to punish the soul in the human experience, but to help the soul learn and evolve through these struggles.on Sample Description
Yes both are the our organizations. where's "प्राचीन कहानियां " Providing services of Spiritual Counseling. and Divine Ansh is providing Past Life Regression Therapy services.
NO. The effectiveness of a therapy session with Divine Ansh is same whether face to face OR online. Divine Ansh has made a you take a session face to very unique and full proof therapy technique and methodology which is always 100% effective irrespective of your physical presence.
A: Please follow the below process to book an appointment for a healing/therapy session 1. Call on +917895591900 or WhatsApp on +917895591900. It's Divine Ansh official number and not of Mr. Subhash Chand. 2. Discuss your requirement. Your all queries would be answered regarding therapy, cost, availability of therapy slots. 3. Please Receive all information. Check all the detail Nicely. And do compare it. scrutinize it closely. We always encourage you to ask as many questions as possible. and we will provide you all the information with professional facts to increase awareness. There is nothing hidden here. 4. If you decide to go with us for therapy sessions, you need to pre-book the session by paying an advance booking fees. as per suitable and available time slot. 5. The normal waiting time for a therapy session is 1-2 weeks. So, please book the session in advance accordingly. Walk-ins registration are not allowed/possible. 5. Once session is pre-booked, the first and most important step is to send email to Mr. Subhash Chand on support@divineansh.com about the purpose of the session. and It's mandatory requirement because its concern based therapy . 6. Come and meet with Mr. Subhash according to your booked slot for therapy. You would get preparation or need to follow-up before the therapy session. Chat with us 8. All the best!
Therapy sessions are charged accordingly to the requirements, such as bank account location ( for fund transfer fees and additional taxes ) and mode, online or face to face. for more information please do make a call on this No. +917895591900 or do WhatsApp - +917895591900. our team member will help you in that
It's totally depends on many factors. and varies from every individual person. it's not like you're talking allopathy medicine for a known physical disease. where everyone takes nearly same time to heal. here it depends on... 1. The Issue 2. Complexity. 3. How you respond to the therapy. 4. It's not a black magic ( mostly comes with the same mindset that it's black magic. where you pay money and the therapist is the responsible person to make changes as per your wish. On the contrary, this is fully 100% scientific way of holistic healing healing where the changes happens by your own subconscious mind. and changes will not changes as per your wish or belief system. 5 everyone has their own timeline to heal, and everyone responds differently even for the same issues.
In such case only 1 session is enough. Still, we always encourage to have a very strong and clear intention for the PLR therapy session for many reasons. Firstly these are expensive and we invest lot of time and energy here, so coming without and intention is wastage of time and money. Secondly, it's impossible that there is someone who has nothing to understand in the life, so it's a wonderful chance to explore, know the real answers, and an ultimate opportunity for positive change. Thirdly, without an intention we roam around in random lives, and even if there is always a learning from each life, we fail to co-relate and take the benefit of the opportunity.
It's a very common and important question. We have helped almost everyone in the first session itself, who has visited us and that's why the success rate is very important to know here before visiting any therapist. We say very confidently that everyone can be regressed, and you need no preparation of meditation, chakra balancing, energy healing etc to attend a regression session, What's is needed is a unique technique for each individual, and what is needed from the client is Trust, to follow the instructions without judgement, go with the flow, and come with a positive mindset, ask any questions you have before session, clarify all doubts. Divine Ansh is always with you for your betterment.
There is no preparation needed for a hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, if you are visiting us. We ask to follow very simple instructions, if needed, which are sent directly to the clients, and these are NOT meditation, or listening to music etc.
No, We don't mention trial sessions ever. There are no trials here. We don't offer any trial sessions. Only in case of Skype sessions we do a trial sometimes when you are not comfortable to operate Skype, to ensure we don't waste time in session, before we go ahead for the actual session, and that is needed to check if we have a proper setting as needed for the session.
Detailed in depth counseling/consultation is an integral part of every therapy session. Without that we don't even start a session. It's not charged separately. And we Don't offer Counseling Sessions in isolation, like in a psychiatric or psychological treatment, as without regression the counseling is meaningless. It's just like putting an external balm on a deep wound, without finding the root cause of the problem, and not treating the actual cause of the wound. So, just a counselling session, means just providing information and talking from the knowledge base acquired by the intellect and conscious mind has no value at all, except to make you feel better for some time. The real therapy starts in the session, when you are regressed and your subconscious is accessed by you. There lies the truth, there lies all reasons, there lies all the soul planning, and there lies all the solutions. Nowhere else. Counselling alone or talking alone, won't heal you ever.
It's an interesting question and once in a while it pops up. To say simply, there are no guarantees, and no refunds. Now, to clarify, why? Mostly everyone comes for this therapy as a last resort, when they have spent lacs of Rs/Money already, and have had no results at all! But interestingly, when anyone comes for this therapy guarantee is asked. And we have not met anyone so far who has asked a similar guarantee from Doctors, medical institutes etc. On the contrary, we pay lacs of rupees immediately, and we sign all the papers they ask us to sign, in case of surgeries etc. And most importantly, if you came for a session, the effort is same, 100%, if you are not regressed, or if you are regressed. And in case you are unable to regress, there would be genuine reasons for that, which you would know yourself.
NO, once session is booked the booking amount is not refunded if you cancel the session yourself. In case we cancel the session, the amount is refunded fully. Also, In case you need to change dates, it must be informed a week in advance, AND the booking fees is not refunded or adjusted. It's because, that slot may go empty, which could have been used for helping someone else. If you inform a week in advance, we can do a date change easily. In case of Skype Online session, the booking amount is the full fees, that is not refunded after booking.
NO, once session is booked and its already started, and you have to leave the session for any reasons, refund won't be provided. Also, you would need to pay the full session fees before leaving the session. It's applicable for both Skype and Face to Face sessions. In case we stop the session in between we would refund you full amount paid. Also, It's because, that slot would go empty, and we have already planned the time for the session in progress.
In case you need to change dates, it must be informed a week in advance, else the booking fees is not refunded or adjusted for the next date. It's because, that slot may go empty, which could have been used for helping someone else. If you inform a week in advance, we can do a date change easily.
You need to inform a week in advance. Rescheduling is done on mutual consent, as per the slots availability only.
We don't allow anyone in the therapy room once the session starts. During COVID 19: Till COVID-19 medicine is released, we don't allow anyone to accompany you or meet Mr. Subhash, only the person who needs therapy can meet Subhash. This is to ensure his Safety and minimum contact for him as well. In normal times (when COVID- 19 is not there) However, before that, during discussion anyone can accompany. But once the session starts they would need to leave the room, and wait outside only.
We don't allow any sort of audio or video recording during sessions. Please ask us why, by calling us directly, as we can explain better as it involves citing you some examples which we can't write down here. Now, for the question of remembering what happened in the session, understand this very clearly please that, - You are not sleeping in these sessions, you are just relaxed, where your conscious mind's critical faculty is calmed down. So, you are wide awake and conscious and know and feel everything around you normally. - And secondly, in this relaxed state, you remember better than your normal memory, so you need not to worry about it. You remember each and everything better than in your normal state. - We ask you to write down everything, once you get time, for later reference. As there would be events you would like to understand and discuss later as well, which you might have not told during the session, and have kept to yourself only for any reasons
No. Sorry No discount is offered on sessions, irrespective of the number of sessions you take. Each sessions is charged individually at the same cost. Discount special case: You are financially poor to support the therapy and are in a real need. We keep this decision to provide discount or not to our self, once we have checked thoroughly.
We can help here. You need to write down an email to Subhash on support@divineansh.com. Then he would discuss with you and guide regarding the number of needed face to face session. Accordingly you can plan your travel.